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 - ALL EDITIONS 4 F The Arizona Republic rhoenix,...
ALL EDITIONS 4 F The Arizona Republic rhoenix, Sunday, May 28, 19 ow Camp Is Fun! "V .'.5?V; A-Camping A-Camping A-Camping They Will Go With Sail And Paddle Boards Bill Drullner, Center, And Laurie And Sieve l.nndry Check Gear Tea Listed By Legion For Girls Girls who will attend the 19G1 Girls State will be guests of honor at 2:30 p.m. today at a tea" in the American Legion Home, 364 N. 7th Ave. Thirty-nine Thirty-nine Thirty-nine girls elected junior classes in the high schools of the valley will attend with their parents and sponsors. Miss Pat Kurtz, the 1960 governor, governor, and Miss Carson Boice, 1960 secretary, will be special guests. Luke-Greenway Luke-Greenway Luke-Greenway Unit No. 1 of the American Legion Auxiliary will host the party assisted by four other units. Mrs. Harold Gribble of Globe, Girls State director, and Mrs. Carl Nowlin of Phoenix, department department chairman, will speak to the representatives. The annual stale-wide stale-wide stale-wide meeting for girls will be in Tucson June 5-11 5-11 5-11 under the leadership of Dr. Robert Nugent, educational administrator. administrator. During a study of fundamentals of government, the girls will name a governor who will be a delegate to Washington, Washington, D.C. Gov. Paul Fannin will administer the oath of office office to officers named during the conclave. Judge Lorna Lock-wood Lock-wood Lock-wood and Wesley Bolin, secretary secretary of state, will be keynote speakers at the banquet. Hear Abbv Relatives Are Wrong: Bride-To-Be Bride-To-Be Bride-To-Be Bride-To-Be Bride-To-Be Is Right o By ABIGAIL VAN BURF.N DEAR ABBY: I have a relative who was just about ready to give up when someone asked her to get rnarrird. She is 52 and he is 50. Please don't faint, but she is planing planing to be married in a white wedding gown with a veil, the bouquet, bridesmaids and everything that goes with it. She has gray hair and looks every bit people in this town will think she has gone crazy. Don't you think someone in the family should step in and set her straight? DEAR INTERESTED: I see nothing nron ith the bride's plans. Someone should set her relatives straight. Abigail DEAR ABBY: I am a high school senior and have never been in trouble before. I have been aeeused of stealing a purse. I did not steal it, Abby. I found it on my way to school and there was no name or anything in it. I suppose I should have turned it in somewhere but I didn't know where to turn it in. so I took i; to school and started to ue it. I was called into the principal's office. It was stolen from one of the girls at school. A git I whose name they wouldn't toil me said she heard me il annthor girl I 1 ' - f a ?- ?- Y nil It's Hard To Count Noses Oi Scampering Children "Irs. Peter Cregut Misses One Mer Own Nen-Lcampcrins Nen-Lcampcrins Nen-Lcampcrins Lia Ann, M.-bc0 M.-bc0 M.-bc0 her 52 years. I am afraid INTERESTED RELATIVE ...,v ... . VL . -v.' -v.' WW' k Repuoiic Pnoros, wints Ptrerson Group (ampin Nets Lots Of Tun l or I.veryone Agrees M'car-Old M'car-Old M'car-Old Michel!? ( rc;;ut ITires 'Press "When we first started, our family (lid lurvival camping. It was ghastly. I hated it. "But with all that money tied up in camping gear, r dicftft daa confess I regarded a camping trip with the same unrestrained dismay and dread of any other normal luxury-loving luxury-loving luxury-loving type who likes to sleep till noon and use ice in beverages." beverages." That's the confession of a wife-member wife-member wife-member of a closely-knit, closely-knit, closely-knit, loosely-organized loosely-organized loosely-organized little group. The group got started -how -how else1 with Scottsdale wives confessing confessing to each other that tamping was a crashing bore-chore bore-chore bore-chore instead of an exhilarating exhilarating pause that refreshes. So they banded together and named themselves FOR for Press On Regardless and refined their family camping trips from "roughing it" to something akin to "living it up." It's not survival camping any more. But the wives are surviving the trips "just fine, thanks" nowadays. Holiday weekends will find the POR's on a Mexican beach, a White Mountain top, a remote rim in the Tonto-Mogollon Tonto-Mogollon Tonto-Mogollon country, nr as this weekend somewhere near Pavson. On Regardless' For Men "We don't camp, in public camping grounds," says Mrs. Roger Landry. "There are too many of us. (There were 12 parents and 30 children last time ) W look like a tent city all by ourselves when we set up camp, as you can Imagine." Members of POR, not all of whom go on every trip, include the Landrys, the George Drul-iners, Drul-iners, Drul-iners, the Charles Esteses, the Rodman Mouliniers. the Peter Creguts, the Bob Cappses, the Fill Welches, the Robert Cor-bys, Cor-bys, Cor-bys, the Tom Dignans, the Maurice Petersons, the Hal Georgens, the Bob Snmuelsons, the Bob Broses and the Dirk Currans. . Says Mrs. Druliner: 'lt never fails to amaze us the way the youngsters get along together on these trips. "They range In ages from Infants to 17-yers-oIds. 17-yers-oIds. 17-yers-oIds. 17-yers-oIds. 17-yers-oIds. My own two squabble constantly at Kerne, are downright affable affable to each other and everybody everybody else at tamp. "The group game. I guess. Is Kick the Can. They play it for hours, then baseball, then swimming or water sports. They are busy from morning to night. "Really." she said, adding the clincher, 'I have never heard any youngster complain that there was nothing to "do or ex-press ex-press ex-press dissatisfaction of any kind." All this, of course, takes planning. And the planning sessions sessions usually take place at a party the week before at me home of one of the camping families. Tn addition to the tents, Coleman stoves and lanterns, ice boxes, cots and sleeping bags, clothing and food stuffs, here are some of the things experience has taught them to include in the mountain of gear each family takes: A comfortable chair for each member of the family. ("A fold up chaise longue, for instance. Camp stools ARE NOT the comforts of home.") A big tarp. ("For sunshade in the daytimes, daytimes, for dancing on by the beach.") A portable radio. Firewood for beach parties. Charcoal for trench-and-oven trench-and-oven trench-and-oven trench-and-oven trench-and-oven cooking. An extra card table. "By the time you get your stove, ice box, water jugs, cooking utensils and place settings settings on the camp table, there's no room left to eat there. An extra table solves the problem.") "Happy hour" equipment. ("There's nothing like a cocktail to make trip civilized.") camping For A Mountain Trip, A Mrs, Roger L. Landry Corn for the children to pop. ("That's happy hour equipment equipment for the younger group.") High chairs for the Cregut'i babies. Guitars for the Welches. Raffia-covered Raffia-covered Raffia-covered one-gallon one-gallon one-gallon jugs. ("Easiest way to replenish the water supply. We fill gallon jugs from the big unwieldy unwieldy water cans.") Deck of cards for gin rummy tournament. As for menus, sometimes supper will be a community affair. ("We've gotten so grand as barbecued pig. complete with apple in mouth,) Such dishes as shish kabob or spaghetti prepared jointly. "But we've learned," says one mother, "that it simply doesn't work out for one family to be eating something different different from the next family any given meal. "So we've arrived at the routine of making out complete complete menus for each meal. If we have bacon for breakfast, so doe everybody else. It nicely avoids the 'why can't we have pancakes, too bit." It also, they've found, works out nicely If the children are responsible for fixing at least one community meal each trip. This weekend, f'instance, their chore will be grilling In foil hamburger patties topped with carrot, onion and potato slices. Other community meals planned planned for this jurtket include canned canned chicken fricasse and rice, shish kabob, charcoal broiled steak. Hasn't anything happened mar the fun of the camping caravan, the members of POR were asked. "Well there was tills time down at Rocky Point when violent sand and wind storm came up suddenly and toppled all the tents and blew grit even into the food supplies. "But we Press On Regardless, Regardless, you know." Winner Announced TFMPF. Miss Diane Searfoss, of Chandler, Arizona Stale t'ni-verity t'ni-verity freshman, has won prize in the Rm-d Rm-d Rm-d and Barton scholarship competition. Winner of a starter set pne for her entry in t ho silver firm's annual Silver Opinion Competition, Competition, Miss Searfoss will receive, about $50 worth of sterling .silver, .silver, china and crystal. Reed & Barton Silversmiths Taunton, Mass., announced that about 15.000 university women romneted in the contest this spring. Mountain Of Equipment Notes Her ( hcck-l.lst hcck-l.lst hcck-l.lst

Clipped from
  1. Arizona Republic,
  2. 28 May 1961, Sun,
  3. [First Edition],
  4. Page 97

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