Opposition to Immigration Quota Change!

Calls the refugees the "undesirables."

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Opposition to Immigration Quota Change! - Rigid Enforcement Is The Solution There ;s...
Rigid Enforcement Is The Solution There ;s under way in this country tw movements that seem to be diametrically diametrically opposed to ech other, though both have to do with immlgra-t;erv immlgra-t;erv immlgra-t;erv One movement proposes to bring :n?o the United states a specified number number of refugee children from Germany. The other movement seeks to prevent a'! immigration for Ihe next several years. Yet b"th proposals have merit. A measure has been introduced in congress the Wagner-Rogers Wagner-Rogers Wagner-Rogers bill which would authorize the Non-Sectarian Non-Sectarian Non-Sectarian Non-Sectarian Committee for German Refugee Children to bring in approximately lO.-w lO.-w lO.-w children thi? year and a'oout the same number in lPlA These refugees are fn he placed in homes in this country country sf the a-t a-t a-t authorizing the migration is passed. Those who understand what the anti-Semitic anti-Semitic anti-Semitic rrpvement in Germany has dr.e to the children of non-Aryan non-Aryan non-Aryan descent approve of the proposal. Sen. Roper t H. Kevr.oM of North Carolina is the sponsor of the proposal proposal to place a strict embargo on all immigration during the present crisis n Europe. He has not jet introduced a bill to carry out the proposal though he has announced his intention to do so. His objective is a worthy one. but should it be enacted all refugee children from Germany would be barred, and the humanitarian aim to furnish at least 20.000 of them with homes would have to be abandoned. Senator Reynolds ha n strong talking talking point for his proposal. All the nations nations of Europe, and particularly Germany, Germany, have a desire to dump their impoverished, impoverished, unwanted political minorities minorities in this country. The propagandists supporting this movement are already at 'work trying to enlist the sympathies of the people of this country in making it possible to tear down our immigration immigration bars and allow this outpouring of undesirables from Europe to be effected. effected. Yet we wonder whether it would r-e r-e r-e wise to enact a law that wou'd prohibit prohibit all immigration for a period of time in order to prevent this country from becoming a dumping ground for impoverished aliens. Our present im- im- have been, if not ahandoned. at least laid by for a more convenient season. But such changes as have since occurred occurred in the European situation would now seem to make persistence by Hitler in any design against Russia evidence of a hopeless insanity on the verge of an utter collapse. The British position has been weaker, so far as concerns its reliance upon the support of the smaller, threatened states, ever since the fragments of the Munich pact w'ere scattered by the winds. To them "Albion"' has been no less "perfidious"' than Napoleon a century century and a quarter ago declared it to be. No smail weak state lying in the path of the Nazi tornado can look with confidence to the two great European "democracies'" for aid in a moment of extreme peril. Russia could have nothing to gam from an alliance with the two democracies. democracies. Though the Hitler dictatorship might be brought to an earlier end by a Soviet alliance, at the same time, there would be an indefinite postponement of the World Revolution to which Communism Communism has hopefully looker! torwarrt from the time of Marx. There would be missing the German death throes in Europe similar to the travail out of which came the Soviet Union and which for a time threatened Germanv and Italv. There is more truth than poetry in the assertion of A. P. Gianmni. president president of the Bank of America, following his return from a trip to Washington. D. C: "I found bright young men. fresh from academic hall, completely uninformed uninformed of life and experience and the wavs of business, dominating important councils." The wide rift between the administration administration and congress suggests it is probably time for another Chesapeake Bay island picnic. migration law bars those who have no means of support, and who have no one here to guarantee that they will not become a public charge. If that law-is law-is law-is enforced, it would seem to prevent th' menace which Senator Reynolds is attempting to avert in a very drastic fashion. It would seem the wiser move to require rigid enforcement of the present law.

Clipped from
  1. Arizona Republic,
  2. 04 Apr 1939, Tue,
  3. [Third Edition],
  4. Page 18

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  • Opposition to Immigration Quota Change! — Calls the refugees the "undesirables."

    rymphc – 14 Nov 2017

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