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The Geography of the Border. We do not iiuite understand the Washington idea ..I the geography of the Mexican border when it is said, according to the dispatehes of yesterday, that the state department has no objection to battles battles at Agua Prieta and Nogales, Sonora, since those towns are not so close to American border towaa that Americans will be in peril of stray bullets. The first Americans killed at the beginning of the revolution were citizens of Douglas, victims of the. fighting at Agua Prieta. There was more or less prolonged lighting there, and day after day Americans Americans in Douglas were killed or wounded. Two towns could not be in closer proximity than Nogales, Arizona, and Nogales, Sonora. They were formerly separately only by a narrow street. The old Brickwood saloon was situated so close to the line that the porch' of it was entirely in Mexico, Mexico, and at the outer or-isputhcrn or-isputhcrn or-isputhcrn edge of the porch there was. a box similar to that seen on hay or stock scales. It was filled with Mexican cigars, and patnns of saloons who wanted cigars of that kind were led by a bartender across the porch, where, he unlocked the box and allowed his patrons to become become their own smugglers. One of the international monuments was set in a niche of the main building. building. On account of this and other complications the American and Mexican governments agrecdMo clear a zone 12U feet wide between the two towns. All buildings were removed so that there is. now an open space of. that width. But a rifle shot fired from the southernmost point of Xogales, Sonora, would fly far beyond, the northernmost limits of Nogales, Arizona. Here is as good a place as any to illustrate the proximity of the towns in the old Brickwood hotel and saloon days. A citizen of the American town, one A. Bachelier, had offenoed against the regulations regulations of Nogales, Sonora, and the police, with which that town abounded, had for days been lying in wait for him. One day Bachelier was at Brickwood's liar engaged in a discussion -that -that became so earnest that when the other controversialist went out on the porch he followed him. into Mexican territory. He turned to re-enter re-enter re-enter the saloon but found his way barred by a grinning and armed policeman. He started toward the eastern end of the porch with the intention of escaping into the United States by that avenue, but another policeman interposed. . Being "quick under the hat" Bachelier wedged himself behind the international monument set i:: the side of the building. He was now in America and safe, but for a free American his movements were painfully restricted. Brickwood was sent for and he readily consented to let a carpenter cut a hole in the side of the building behind the monument monument in order that Bachelier might back up farther into the United States. AVhile the coming of the carpenter was awaited a considerable part of - llu-populatiou llu-populatiou llu-populatiou of Nogales, Arizona, congregated on the porch and engaged the two Mexican policemen in a diverting conversation. In the midst of the confusion Bachelier darted from behind the monument, monument, ran to the eastern edge 'of the porch and northward into, the land o the free- free- and the home of the brave. . . -. -More to

Clipped from
  1. Arizona Republic,
  2. 29 Dec 1914, Tue,
  3. Page 4

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